Rest & Recharge Taster Box

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  • Immunity
  • Sleep Support
  • Stress Support

We want you to feel rested and recharged with a pack of five tasters* of our tea blends that help induce sleep and relaxation, from our Energy, Immunity and Recharge range.

Rest & Digest

This blend comprises stress reducing organic ingredients that help induce relaxation, paving the way for a restful deep sleep, as well as ingredients that provide digestive support to assist our bodies to process foods to turn into energy and rejuvenate cells during our restful hours, in preparation for the next day.

A Little Sleepy Tea

This blend is made from pregnancy-friendly organic ingredients that will help you relax, and pave the way for a restful deep sleep.

A Little Mellow Tea

This unique and special combination of functional ingredients provides positive effects on mood and relief from anxiety-related symptoms, experienced both by the mind and body. Experience a light subtle lemony flavour profile, with a clean fresh finish.

A Little Immuni-tea

This blend packs a punch with functional ingredients including Echinacea and Ginseng designed to fend off any sickness and recharge your energy stores heading into colder months. Experience a soft flavour of lemon balanced with a beautiful fresh ginger taste.

Comforting Chamomile

Comforting Chamomile is like a big warm hug. When consumed as an infusion, the humble chamomile flower provides our bodies with sleep support by promoting relaxation and elevating mood, and anti-inflammatory benefits while we rest.

*Each taster contains around 8 servings.


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Emmeline Demarinis
Nice selection

A little sleepy tea was soooo good!