My Little Pregnancy Blend Box

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  • Digestive Support
  • Gut Health
  • Mood
  • Pregnancy Friendly
  • Sleep Support
  • Stress Support
Firstly, a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the pregnant ladies and new mummas out there! Achieving this dream is literally a miracle.

These three blends pregnancy support tea blends focus on overall immunity during pregnancy, sleep and mood/stress management, and sleep optimisation (we know that can be hard!). Taking care of your body during your special pregnancy is so important, and you deserve it. 

Each blend box contains:
  • 50g My Healthy Pregnancy Tea - Drink this once a day to keep your immunity and energy stores in check to be able to fend off coughs, colds, respiratory issues and digestive complaints
  • 50g A Little Sleepy Tea - Drink this once a day before bedtime to induce a state of calm and relaxation
  • 50g Perfect Peppermint - Drink this once a day at any time of day to minimise bloating, digestive discomfort and soothe the gut.
  • Option to include infuser (Jack or Jill - chosen at random) and/or a personalised message - see product options


My Healthy Pregnancy Tea

My Healthy Pregnancy Tea is made especially for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers to boost immunity, regulate the body so that all systems are firing and healthy, and taste good!

Mummas can drink this tea to assist with building energy stores to help prevent respiratory and digestive illnesses the year round. My Healthy Pregnancy Tea has a ginger and lemon profile for ultimate comfort, taste and refreshment.

A Little Sleepy Tea

Induces relaxation, calm and deep sleep (as well as priming digestive processes before bed). Best consumed in the evenings in the afternoon to find some calm and elevate mood, or in the lead up to sleep time.

Perfect Peppermint

Soothes the gut, supports digestion, and quells nausea. Best consumed at any time, especially when morning sickness may hit (which as we know can be any time of day!)


If you want to include a short personalised message with the Blend Box, please include the message for your loved one in the provided notes field at checkout.


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