A Little Lemon

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  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-microbial
  • Anti-nausea
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Caffeine Free
  • Circulatory Support
  • Clear Skin
  • Digestive Support
  • Immunity
  • Metabolic Support
  • Minerals
  • Mood
  • Pregnancy Friendly
  • Relaxation
  • Sleep Support
  • Vitamins

A Little Lemon comprises ingredients that assist with digestion, circulation, and replenishing energy stores. This blend will nourish your body, and boost your mood, all while supporting essential body functions and general immunity. 

The taste of this blend is light, fresh, and as the name suggests lemony - no surprises here! Delicious for any time of day or night, but best for a wake up to get the body moving. 

what's in it?

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Safe Ingredients: Organic Lemon Verbena, Lemon Balm, Lemon Myrtle, Lemon Peel

Lemon Verbena

Lemon verbena is an underrated herb, delivering both therapeutic and health benefits. It has traditionally been used to bolster immunity, treating colds and fevers, for providing relief from indigestion and digestive spasms, as well as providing metabolic support and aiding in weight loss. It has also been widely used to support anxiety and insomnia. Its lemony aroma and refreshing flavour makes it a beautiful addition to many tea blends.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm, traditionally used to support mood and cognitive function, has a soft mildly sweet citrusy flavour profile with a subtle note of mint. Lemon balm infusions have been shown to have stress and anxiety relieving properties as well as providing vital sleep supporting benefits.

Lemon Myrtle

The leaves of the lemon myrtle tree are harvested for their aromatic essential oils, citrus-sweet flavour, and amazing health and wellbeing benefits. Rich in anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, lemon myrtle has been known to be effective in easing sore throats, digestive issues, acne and headaches.

Lemon Peel

Lemon peel packs a punch with its tangy flavour profile, benefits of Vitamin C for immunity, and soluble fibre for digestive support.


how do you have it?

1 teaspoon per serving.

Infuse for 5-8 minutes in boiling water (or longer if you want to pack a lemony fresh punch!).


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